"In the mysteries of sounds I roam,

leaving aside the worldly matters,

entering into the realm of eternal bliss.."

Krishangi Lila, originally from Estonia, is a devotional singer, sound artist, voice embodiment coach and a healer giving voice workshops, sound baths and concerts in different places in the world.

Besides singing, she accompanies herself on harmonium, bansuri, setar and frame drum

Her musical compositions are deeply influenced by western medieval vibes, estonian folk music, Indian ragas, nada yoga practices, shamanic tradition and sufi songs. Vocal improvisation and intuitive singing are her way to express her soul music and she loves to guides also others unto that path of being present in the moment with the sounds that appear in the heart and communicate with the Divine.

As a voice embodiment coach, she is focusing on the healing aspect of the voice; how to find your natural voice; how to use the healing potencies of the voice to remove the energetic blockages and tensions from the body. The voicework practice is based on Nada yoga principles, breathing techniques and body alignment, relaxation, meditation and deep listening.

At the end of the sessions she guides you through a vocal meditation  to find your soulsong, a song that is naturally embedded in each one of us and waits to be found and expressed.

As a healer through the voice, she considers music to be the prayer of her heart.

The voice 

“It is a state of being….a way of communication…….a way to express my love and gratitude."

"It’s a bridge between the worlds and dimension, it’s a bridge between the hearts and souls, it’s a bridge between the known and unknown. Music is my way to give and receive…my way to connect and disconnect…my way to be heard and unheard. Its simply a prayer of my heart.”