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Voice Embodiment Workshop



“ Awaken

And listen to the magic of your voice…

Let the song of your soul dance on your lips….

Let the rhythms of your heart embrace your whole being…..

And may you be carried by the wings of music

To the highest realms of Divinity.”




One of the transformational workshops that I am offering is the Voice Embodiment and Healing Workshop where you can join us on this journey through the landscape of voice and healing sounds. It is based on a concept that our own voice has the healing power cause everything in this Universe is sound and vibration.

The participants are introduced to a deep voice work on all energy levels using voice as a healing instrument to activate 7 chakras in the body; that helps you to develop the ability to feel free in your vocal expression and discover your soulsong .

Voice carries in itself a tremendous power to heal and awaken the energies in our body and purify the mind.  During the workshop you will be introduced to breathing techniques and voice toning meditation that is a powerful and ancient form of healing which has been used for ages in order to evoke certain effects in the surroundings and in the human psyche. Toning itself is a simple process of releasing the vocal sound with a vowel ( either a , e , i , o , u ) and directing it towards a certain chakra area in the body.  Each chakra corresponds to a specific vowel, tone and colour which links to a specific anatomical area of the body.  By toning on certain vowels we awaken the blocked areas in our energy field and release the negative emotional patterns  that has been stored there for many years.

Our body is like a symphony of sounds where every organ, vessel, cell etc has its own frequency of vibration.  The main focus of this vocal work is to free one’s voice while releasing tensions from the body and opening up to the vocal sound vibration in our body.

Based on nada yoga practice, you will be taught the conscious focus on the voice movement in the body.

In vocal improvisation part one will be lead to find one’s own soulsong; song that lives inside us; song that can be accessed by deep meditations; song that appears from the silence; song that flows from the open heart; song that unites the essence of one’s being with the body. We will look upon how the different elements in nature can inspire us to sing their song. Deep listening and observation, meditation and relaxation are the keys to sing your song.

You will be also introduced the general aspects of Indian raga,  the art of raga improvisation and mantra singing.



The one night workshop of three hours bestows of  breathing exercises, vocal toning meditations with  soulsong improvisation.


The weekend workshop from Friday evening Saturday until Sunday evening will take you to a longer journey where you will be introduced to different breathing techniques, voice toning meditation, different types of vocal improvisations, movement meditation,  indian raga improvisation and mantra singing.

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