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André Kunkel, yoga teacher

At Radhadesh Kirtan Course 2018

I met Krishangi Lila as my vocal and harmonium teacher in Radhadesh during the 6 week Kirtan Course.

This what I experienced over there was much more than I had expected from this course. She is a sound healer, shaman, teacher and most beautiful soul. I am so grateful for being a student of such an amazing teacher who brought me to my next level. She knows her stuff and owns it. Her teachings are coming from a pure and authentic place.

Her open heart is a remarkable feature  – a true Bhakti.

I highly recommend her as a teacher.

freya Faun.jpg


Teacher at Waldorf kindergarten

In Chiang Mai, Thailand 2018


When I went to Krishangi Lila’s voice toning class, there was a great healing happening to me. Every  movement and every tone we were singing with her, fit so perfectly what I felt.

When I have been singing songs on my own with guitar, I have rarely felt that bliss and inner peace, but never so strong like in Lila’s class.

My heart was so open and my mind quiet and happy. I did not know that there is such a great technique to achieve with those feelings. It was like a gift for me.

rob rose.jpg

Rob Rose

Breathwork workshop facilitator

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2018


My voice toning and healing experience with Krishangi was beautiful, ecstatic and powerful. My perspective on voice has changed from projecting the voice outwards to internalizing it within.

During and after session I felt open and in tune with the energetic dance happening within my body. I felt a strong connection to the other participants as well. Shortly after the session and for the next several days I experienced emotional release. Wow, so healing. This was truly a beautiful exporation and I am exited to continue pursuing the power of voice.

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