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In connection with you

dear Mother Ocean

I remember 

white crystals

and sounds so dear

as deep healers

reaching my ears

from Lemurian times

they found me again 

in grace and  beauty

these ancient seeds

of wisdom and

gracious means

of healing

and rejoicing

the waves that call me

into the ocean's mystery

in deep longing

in heart chambers

i feel

and hear

and see


who is waiting for me

into the light now I weave these waves of love

that softly sing

the song of Eternity

If you resonate with my lightlanguage art that mostly draws its inspiration from the ocean and Japanese calligraphy and carries the vibration of water healing energy and Lemurian lightlanguage, and wish to have one healing painting on your wall, please message me. I am available for bigger and smaller commission paintings.

a kuu a ma

Much Love

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