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The CD Divine Love is a music project by Bhaktivedanta College and the CD was released in 2008.

Kalindi - vocals 
Krishangi-lila – vocals, harmonium 
Krista Citra Joonas – bansuri, harp 
Madhuri – guitar, orchestra, choral and string arrangements, tanpura 
Eivind Morland – guitar 
Bert Francoise – guitar 
David Damodara Asen – tablas, karatalas, shakers 

Music by Kalindi and Krishangi-lila 
Music arrangements by all the musicians 
Produced by Morgenstern Musikproduktionen – Madhuri (Manfred Gaul), 2008

If you are interested to buy a CD, please go to the following link on Bandcamp.

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