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"path of light"

We, Krishangi Lila and Ganesh Ghanshyam  are truly exited to let you all know that we are in the process of making our new  album “PATH OF LIGHT” together.

This album is about heart opening and healing.

All the songs talk about love – in different colors and connections, in different languages and sounds.

They invite you to a medicine journey into your heartspace where you can expand to a greater light and love that you are. They help you to remind your own connection with the Divine and to open up to the vast and unconditional world of Love.

They are born out of longing and yearning, out of joy and connection, some of them have appeared in the moments when the heart was in need of the medicine of a song to heal. Music has been a healing tool from the ancient times and with this album we wish to bring more of that medicine to you all.


The new collaboration between these two musician started at Yoga Vidya Westerwald Mantra Summer Festival 2022. The very first song “Weyaki” was born at a late night jamming session and that gave an impetus for the new upcoming album. The lemurian lightlanguage healing sounds together with the inspirational Moonchant and Spanish medicine songtexts were weaving together many hearts who had gathered that night to jam and sing and we are grateful for all this inspiration that came from each beautiful soul that night.

This evening inspired us to continue our musical Journey together with creating new songs, sharing mantra music and offering Sounbaths.


Who are we?

Krishangi Lila, originally from Estonia, is a devotional singer, sound and lightlanguage artist and a voice healer giving workshops, sound baths and concerts in different places in the world. Besides singing, she accompanies herself on harmonium, bansuri, setar and frame drum. Since 2014 she is engaged as a teacher of harmonium and vocals in Kirtan Course at Bhaktivedanta College, Radhadesh.

Her musical compositions are deeply influenced by western medieval vibes, Indian ragas, nada yoga practices with flavours from shamanic and sufi practices and lemurian light language channelings. Improvisation, lightlanguage  and meditation on the sound are three main principles that are the basis of her musical pieces.

As a voice healer, she is focusing on the healing aspect of the voice; how to find your natural voice and stay connected to it with its healing potencies and  how to find the full resonance in your body.


As a Lemurian Lightlanguage Healer she offers healing meditations with lemurian sounds and creates abstract paintings with lightlanguage writings.

For more info regarding lightlanguage please visit her Instagram page @lunalila_lightlanguage

In 2008, she released her first album called “Divine Love” together with Kalindi dasi. This CD, commissioned by Bhaktivedanta College, was mainly inspired by the Holy texts of the Divine Rasa Dance from the scripture Bhagavata Purana. Already this CD was born in collaboaration with Madhuri Manfred Gaul who did the amazing job for album production.

The second CD called “Lalasa”  was released by an ethnic fusion proje where Krishangi Lila as a singer collaborated with Jonathan Kay on esraj and saxophone and Ziya Tabassian on Sufi percussions and Sina Gheisary on ney and oud.

The music is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

And Two music videos of last album are available on Youtube.

And she is looking forward for the third CD called

Path of Light “ to be released soon in collaboration with Ganesh Ghanshyam.


You can follow her on Instagram @ krishangilila

Or Facebook: Krishangi Lila


Ganesh Ghanshyam is a yoga teacher, massage therapist and spiritual healer with a big heart from Germany. He originally found his way to spirituality through a long path of suffering which, after much self-exploration, led him to find his inner healer. Ultimately, he found his calling in helping people preventively and helping them regain their strength.

As a passionate musician, always accompanied by sound, he quickly discovered his strength in sound healing. In the sound healing sessions he opens up a safe space to lead people into a deep trance with love. Ever since he was young, he has always been in bands, whether as a bass player in a punkrock band, drummer in a jazz band, keyboard player or house DJ and a music producer.

During last few years he has found his way to mantra music and chanting through yoga practices.

for more info please visit his Instagram or Facebook account @yogi_ganesh_ghanshyam


                  €4000 goal

  • €1,500     Recording, mixing, mastering  by Manfred Gaul

  • €1,000     CD printing

  • €1,500  music video 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Your support will truly make a difference in allowing our first album to be birthed in the world and reach more people.

We warmly invite you to support the creation of this album and share the campaign with your friends (via FB, Instagram, email or word of mouth). This would be a huge help and I can not thank you enough.

There are different ways you can support us and we are honored to offer you back services from our side. 

10 euro - download of 3 songs

15 euro – ticket to a group voice healing session

20 euro – physical CD

50 euro – small light language artwork or a ticket                        to our concert

100 euro -  two tickets to our concert

150 euro - thai massage session and CD

250 euro – smaller light language painting

                       or  private gong bath or Sound journey

                       and cd

500 euro – a large size light language painting

                       and CD

750 euro – private Concert and CD

1000 euro - a combined choice of yours and CD

And any other donation according to your feeling is more than welcome

Or even spreading the news or any other way you can think that would help this project, all is welcome and received in deep gratitude

Listen to the teaser here

Path of light teaserKrishangi Lila and Ganesh Ghanshyam
00:00 / 04:00

Krishangi Lila - voice, bansuri, frame drum

Ganesh Ghanshyam - voice, guitar, harmonium

Hereby You can listen to the short samples of three songs that we recorded during our first session with Madhuri Manfred Gaul (www.sangita.dein the beginning of September. They are still   work in progress and just gone through the basic mixing but we are happy to share theses songs with you so that would feel the vibe and join us in your hearts.

                                                   Heartfelt gratitude

                                                from our heart to yours.

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